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CVA is the #1 selling muzzleloader in America and has held that distinguished title for nearly a decade. Since the company started in 1971, CVA has prided itself in providing hunters and shooting enthusiasts the best muzzleloading value on the market. CVA’s reputation continues to grow as evidenced by their remarkable growth in the marketplace. Since 2003, CVA has sold more guns each year than any other muzzleloading brand.

“In terms of materials and construction, CVA Rifles are superior to those of any of our competitors. This fact has been illustrated by the success that the CVA brand has enjoyed for the better part of a decade now – as the # 1 selling muzzleloader brand in the world.” – Dudley McGarity, CEO of BPI (Blackpowder Products, Inc) the parent company of Connecticut Valley Arms

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CVA was founded in 1971 as Connecticut Valley Arms, specializing in traditional side-lock muzzleloading rifles and build-it-yourself rifle kits. Since that time, CVA has developed a reputation for providing Customers with high-performing guns and accessories at the best value available. We strive to live up to that reputation today by continually developing technical innovations that redefine consumer expectations. CVA manufactures a variety of modern in-line black powder muzzleloaders, centerfire rifles, and black powder accessories. We carry an extensive line of CVA products, including the CVA Paramount Pro V2, CVA Paramount, CVA Accura MR-X, CVA Accura LR-X, CVA Optima, and CVA Wolf V2 muzzleloaders. CVA also offers the Cascade bolt-action rifle and the Scout single-shot rifles and pistols. Bottom line, it’s just a better gun, and CVA is proud to be America’s #1 selling muzzleloader brand for over a decade.

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